There are many attorneys in New York, but when it comes to buying your home, a commercial business, or other transaction involving New York State real estate, you really should hire an attorney that handles real estate transactions. Real estate transactions can get complex. Hiring a real estate attorney has the practical advantage of simplifying the process.

How do you identify a real estate lawyer you want to work with?

One way to find a real estate lawyer is through referrals from family or friends. Ask your family or friends whether the real estate attorney was attentive to their questions, available by telephone, took their calls personally. Personal attention and attentiveness deserves a premium when you are purchasing what will likely be your most expensive asset.

What about finding an attorney on the internet. As you can see, at Klose & Associates, we believe that the internet and e-mail are essential tools in a real estate attorney’s arsenal. We handle most of our transactions by constant electronic contact with real estate brokers, clients, title agents, banks and mortgage brokers. You get prompt service, prompt response to your questions, and all parties are privy to the major steps to a real estate transaction. Make sure that the real estate lawyer you hire will meet your particular needs.

Beware, not all real estate transactional attorneys also know how to deal with real estate litigation. Litigation real estate lawyers handle lawsuits involving adverse possession, zoning and planning (Article 78), and other types of litigated issues. The morass of real estate law means that a litigation attorney needs to know how and where to look for cases that are similar to the ones involving yours.

Bottom Line– understand that different real estate attorneys bring different skills and knowledge to a transaction or litigated matter. You should call several to be sure that they have the experience you need for your matter. Ask questions regarding your concerns, including billing rates, whether there is a flat fee, hourly fee, or contingency basis. While estimated costs in litigation are hard, they may not be in a transactional situation.

As simple and obvious as it sounds, don’t hire a lawyer for your real estate case that does not practice real estate

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