More on the tony New York Bed Bugs-.

As reported in past entries on this Blog, bedbugs complaints and media reports of serious infestations in hotels, offices, and residential buildings are on the rise in New York City. As a result, bedbug disclosure is now required.

In a nutshell, when a renter and landlord negotiate a lease in New York City, both the tenant and the landlord must sign a disclosure listing the prior history of bedbug infestations reported in either the apartment or building during the preceding year. As with any law, there is an adjustment period. Before sighing with relief, landlords are worried that these disclosure forms will increase the length of time empty units remain vacant. Accordingly, as with any new law, changes may be in the horizon as New York City landlords lobby to have the disclosure modified or eradicated (like the bugs themselves). For example, they argue that the form is too broad because it makes no distinction between serious infestations and minor ones. Really– do you care?

The Bottom Line– as renters struggle to stay “infestation free,” landlords struggle to keep ahead of the game, proving profitable for exterminators.

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