Sale and Lease Back Options in Distressed New York State Real Estate.

In this era of distressed real estate, and even more distressed home owners, there are several life rings being thrown around including “sale-lease back” options. Under a typical “sale and lease back” situation an “investor” buys a person’s home and leases it back to them. The practice is both common and legal in real estate, and is intended to raise cash for short-term needs or to secure tax benefits. Sometimes, the leaseback agreements permit the sellers the right to repurchase the property after some prescribed period and that is often a benefit to the investor in an inclining real estate market.

In residential real estate, the sale-leaseback allows financially strapped homeowners in financial trouble to stay in their homes and pay their debts, but the practice is susceptible to fraud when investors don’t give homeowners the promised money. For example, some “investors” pocket the mortgages they obtain from banks or strip equity from the homes rather than letting owners get back on their feet.

The WSJournal had an interesting article which explained the potential pitfalls of such a relationship.

Bottom Line– contact your New York Real Estate Attorney before entering or considering a sale and lease back option for your home in Dutchess, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Ulster or any other County.

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