Searching for Information on New York State Law.

You are are sitting up late one night, thinking that your neigbor’s new fence is located on your property. You type in the search term fence and property into a search engine like Google or Yahoo! and 2.5 million returns hit you in 0.15 seconds. How do you narrow that search down to find information about the law in New York.

Well, there are various lawyer “Blawgs” that will give you an idea about the content. You can go to a place like to find a listing of various Blawgs. That might get you to a real estate blog like this one. But it’s hard to find exactly the fact scenario you are looking for. Where else can you go?

New Yorkers are lucky to have a wonderful web-site that is accumulated by Cornell University. Searchers can find all sorts of helpful information on this site.

Bottom line– you should look to law clearing houses or “meta sites” to help you narrow your search for a good article on point. Nothing substitutes for actual legal advice from competent attorneys.

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