Small Business Transactions–New York Bulk Transfer Affidavit

Buyer Beware: When buying a small business in New York be sure that your small business attorney follows the New York State Bulk Sales rules.

Prior to 1990, Article 6 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) regulated bulk sales– the transfer of large pieces of inventory, notes, etc. Article 6 was enacted to deal with sellers who attempted to fraudulently convey inventory (obtained on credit) by selling in a “bulk sale” transfer to a single buyer outside the ordinary course of business, disappearing with the proceeds, and leaving creditors without paying.

Under New York’s version, the Code provides various mechanisms to protect both potential buyers and creditors of businesses where bulk transfers of inventory occur. Failure to comply with the Bulk Sales or Transfers Act means that the original creditors (of the seller) get a lien against the assets (inventory) transferred to the buyer. Buyers must comply with the Bulk Sales provision and be ready for its implications.

The Bottom Line–hire a new york business formation attorney to handle the transaction, or pay the price later.

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