Tools to Grieve your Taxes Exist– the Government Provides Them in Dutchess County, New York.

Real Property Taxes are at the front of everyone’s mind these days because property values in New York have declined so dramatically. Did you know that the tools to grieve your taxes are often right at your finger tips.

For example, in Dutchess County, the Real Property Tax Service Agency’s Parcel Access system provides tax assessment information for your parcel and your neighbor’s parcel, including development plans, property tax estimates and other information supplied by local municipal governments. Updated twice a year to coincide with the submission of Tentative Assessment Rolls every May and every July of each year, the Parcel Access allows Search Tools by type of property, name of debtor, and by map.

The website’s main objective is to function as a tool for real estate buyers and sellers to have access to and view assessment information. If a seller disagrees with a listed assessment, however, value the home owner may “grieve” those taxes by seeking a review first by the assessor and then by a formal review with the Board of Assessment Review.

The Dutchess County, New York, GIS, Parcel Access system can be accessed here.

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