Westchester County Taking Lead On Septic Management White Plains, NY

https://www.kloselaw.com/lawyer-attorney-1336884.htmlDid you know that your septic system needs periodic maintenance and occasional pumping? Westchester County did not believe that enough homeowners understood this, and is obligated by New York State to protect the drinking water supply; so it is going to reimburse homeowners who have septic systems and pay taxes to sewer districts if they pump their septic systems regularly.

According to local officials, there are an estimated 40 – 45,000 septic systems in Westchester County, New York, with approximately 30,000 of those in the Croton Watershed (which supplies fresh water to an estimated 80,000 Westchester County residents). Obviously, the issue of septic management is a significant issue if the County is going to preserve the fresh water supply.

This year Westchester County implemented a law requiring septic pumpers to report data to a centralized reporting system detailing conditions of each pump out. If the conditions warrant, the County Health Department dispatches trained sanitarians for further inspection and remediation.

To encourage homeowners to help the County meet New York State guidelines, the County also passed legislation to reimburse homeowners with septic systems who are paying taxes to the County sewer districts, and who must pump their septic systems to protect their safe operation.

To protect real estate purchasers, Westchester County passed well testing laws requiring sellers to disclose testing results upon transfer of real estate.

The bottom line– when moving to a home with a septic system in Westchester County, you should test both the water supply and the septic system to be sure that both are working and safe. Consult with your local Westchester real estate attorney.

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