When is a “sign” not a Sign in the Village of Rhinebeck, New York?

[Dutchess County, New York]. When is a television monitor a “sign,” under Rhinebeck Zoning Enforcement Regulations. That is a battle being waged between our client and the Village of Rhinebeck, New York. Since this is a pending matter, we will permit the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper account to speak for itself.

Bottom Line– The First Amendment of the US Constitution is a powerful tool, supported by the New York State Constitution which provides even broader protection to freedom of speech.

Judge for Yourself
Village of Rhinebeck Code 12-63 (Definitions)

SIGN Any material, structure or device, including awnings, composed of letters, pictures or symbols designed or used for the purpose of attracting, or which does attract, the attention of the public to the subject matter thereof and located out-of-doors, on the exterior of a building, or inside the building within two feet of the window or in a manner to be viewed primarily by passersby. Any striping, lighting, corporate color schemes and other graphic design intended to serve as an attraction or to call attention to the site will be defined as a “sign.”

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